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Paul Launois

Paul Launois Champagne, France

Three generations of the Launois family have remained faithful stewards of 6.5 hectares of Chardonnay vines in the Grand Cru village of Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, in the heart of the Cote de Blancs region of Champagne. The husband and wife team of Julien and Sarah craft these wines by hand as they raise their young son Paul to one day carry on the family legacy.

Traditionally offering their grapes to the village cooperative, In a great turning point of the family story, Julien and Sarah Launois decided to become producers as well as growers. Their handmade cuveés are as delightful as they are rare. They believe that Champagne is a product of luxury and quality, but also a vector of contacts and openness to the world. Anxious to keep this spirit, they will welcome you to the property to share with you their love of incredible wine. This is one place you truly must visit.

Julien Launois

Julien Launois Winemaker

Julien Launois has been working the vines belonging to his family for several generations. He created his first brand "Champagne Jean-Pierre Launois" to market his bottles as a cooperator-harvester.

After having worked abroad for 9 years, Julien decided to open a new page in the history of the family house with his wife Sarah: making his own grower champagnes.

Sarah Launois is an artist and graphic designer with a passion for wine. She illustrated the new visual identity for Champage Launois, creating a brand named after their son: Paul Launois.

In 2013, Julien and Sarah acquired a wine building in the heart of Mesnil sur Oger. They completed the renovation themselves and brought in their first harvest in 2015. They vinify in stainless steel vats and in barrels, experiment, assemble, taste ... and from this same passion for champagne is born "Champagne Paul Launois."

Champagne Paul Launois is a love story: the love of a man and a woman; the love of wine and art; the love of a son and a family.