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Fulldraw Paso Robles

Fulldraw began in 2012 when Connor McMahon jumped on the opportunity to acquire a 100-acre vineyard site in the Templeton Gap of west side Paso Robles. He & Rebecca met later that year. Both came into wine differently - Rebecca studied at UC Davis and received her degree in Viticulture & Oenology, and Connor likes to say he "turned a vice into a career."

With six years of winemaking and farming experience at adjacent property, Booker Vineyard, Connor understood that with its limestone soils and cooling maritime influences, this was a place where the Rhône varieties he loved would thrive. Connor works closely with crew members following organic and sustainable farming practices in order to best take advantage of the site's demanding soil and extreme exposures. Fulldraw aims to create a sustainable and healthy environment for each and every vine in order for the resulting fruit to translate into beautifully balanced wines that fully express the unique place that is their home.

Connor & Rebecca live with their daughter, Maeve, son, Winston, and their German Shorthair Pointer, Yadi, on the vineyard. Winemaking and grape growing is not just a way to make a living – it’s an everyday integral part of life. Whether on a family walk through the vines or blending in the winery, the Fulldraw team makes every decision with the health and integrity of their family and home in mind.

Connor McMahon

Connor McMahon Winemaker