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“Over the last four decades, I’ve walked almost every corner of the Napa Valley striving to understand exactly what makes a great wine. When I founded TOR Wines, the plan was simple. Our wines would come from only the best blocks in great vineyard sites I knew and revered.”
–Tor Kenward

TOR wines focus on single-vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, cuvées and Bordeaux varietals—each wine is handmade and bottled in a very small quantity. Their secret is to stay out of the way, not to manipulate—preserve a place in time, capture it in a bottle.

The TOR winemaking team has been together since the beginning. Jeff Ames is winemaker, and Tor and Jeff share a simple rule: the vineyard, not a heavy winemaker’s hand, is showcased. Each wine is nurtured to bottle unfiltered and unfined.


Advintage Distributing (NC)
Best Brands (TN)
Carroll Wine & Spirits (IN)
Chambers & Chambers (CA)
Continental Wines (Hong Kong)
Curated Selections (SC)
George’s Distributing Wine (MT)
Grapes to Glass (PA)
Great Lakes Wine & Spirits (Mi)
Hemispheres (GA)
LDF Companies (KS)
Maverick (CO)
Modern Wine (Singapore)
Momentum (IL)
Monsieur Touton Selection (MA, RI, MD, DC, VA, CT, NY, NJ)
Quench Fine Wines (NE)
S&C Wines (ID)
Terroir Selections (FL)
Tramonte & Sons (OH, KY)
Victory (TX)
Vino 750 (AZ)
Young’s Market (HI)