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From the hills of Paso comes this tale, a journey of time and space
It speaks from the vineyards that give it life, creating fruit that has found its place
Among a landscape of life and toil, this wine will surely command
Attention thanks to its thoughtful grace and crafted with a tender hand

Though by no means condemned, we wander the world, telling our story of the vine,
expressing the wonders that come from the sun and bestow upon land its shine
We imbibe, we dine, we share in this life, as it beckons to us from the deep,
And this liquid that hails from the Central Coast is one that we pray you keep.

Jack Tar is a journey of time and place told through the tale of the bottle. An homage to Samuel Coleridge’s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, our wines are a tribute to the time-honored tradition of stewarding the land and braving the elements to produce wines of character that are rooted in story. Every vintage is its own adventure, and every wine tells a tale that we hope to be etched in the memory of those that revel in its message.