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Philipp and Johanna proudly present wine that’s been carefully crafted by hand using only the best grapes from their best vineyards. Their new wine line pairs a distinct concept with exquisite craftsmanship.

With vineyards situated around their hometown of Gundersheim, the pair enjoys the benefits of rich soil allowing the grapes to ripen slowly giving them a great flavor density.

They’ve chosen to shape their Pinot Noir vines in the “Lyre” method; this is a rare method where the branches are formed into a canopy reminiscent of the top of a stringed instrument. This leads to better ventilation of the grapes and guarantees perfect ripeness. The vineyards are also defoliated by local sheep; this is an organic method that isn’t commonly used. Together the pair have interned at some of Europe’s most prestigious wineries in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and France. They use the knowledge and experience they’ve acquired and work together during cultivation and harvest. Their limestone rich fields are harvested by hand and the grapes are carefully looked over to insure the highest quality.

With much consideration, the pair have chosen the three best wines they feel they can cultivate; Riesling, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Noir. In their cellar, the young winemakers are not much different than their ancestors of 1848. Once the bottles are filled they are closed with traditional natural corks.