The role of “flying winemaker” is one of the coolest wine jobs out there. What’s a flying winemaker? Well, it’s a winemaker-consultant who has multiple wine projects in multiple regions. Flying winemakers essentially get to travel the world chasing an “endless harvest” and making great wines along the way. I know what you’re thinking (because we definitely are): “where do I sign up?”

We asked consulting winemaker extraordinaire, Julien Fayard, to fill us in on what it takes to do his job.

So You Want to Be a Consulting Winemaker?

The first thing you need to know is that patience and multitasking will be your greatest assets, followed by the depth and breadth of your winemaking knowledge and experiences, as well as a keen ability to manage different projects – and your clients’ expectations.

“Patience and multitasking will be your greatest assets.”

Growing up in Provence with a family who has had a winery for several decades certainly gave me a unique introduction to the wine business. However, while I wasn’t interested in making a career in wine at first, with each new seasonal job my experience grew and I got into it. I traveled and worked in different corners of the wine world. Some would call it “vagabond” winemaking but, in truth, this is how you learn the craft. … READ MORE ON WINEFOLLY.COM

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