The Jones Estate
vineyard is south facing at the base of Howell Mountain. With names like Thomas Rivers Brown, Jim Barbour and David Abreu involved in this project, these wines are easily one of the best values in all of Napa

Jones Family Vineyards is a Calistoga wine estate with family at its core.  Since it's founding in 1996 members of the Jones family have managed every aspect of the business operations.  Founder Rick Jones co-manages the Estate with his daughters Stephanie Jones Bailey and Heather Jones Melvin.  Ensuring the well being of the Napa Valley and all its residents is a strong value of the Jones Family as well.  Rick and his wife Elaine Jones support and serve on the boards of a number of nonprofit organizations that ensure access to education, health and well being for all Napa Valley community members.

VINTNER  Rick Jones
WINEMAKER   Thomas Rivers Brown
VARIETY  Cabernet Sauvignon & Sauvignon Blanc
PRODUCTION  1000 Cases

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