Covert Tasting

At Covert Estate, we use traditional Bordeaux winemaking
techniques combined with Californian creativity. We utilize a very conservative
and sustainable approach that respects the terroir and results in wines that
are delicate and elegant with distinct personality.

Our winemaking starts in the vineyard. We view the winery as
a tool for capturing in the bottle what the vineyard provides for us. Using
traditional Bordeaux winemaking techniques adapted to the site, there is a
balance of both French and California winemaking culture. The winemaking for
the Grand Cru’s of Bordeaux has been established by many generations of
winemakers. Julien Fayard carries that philosophy, experience and tradition
with him into the cellar to capture the best of what the fruit has to offer.
The more intimately we stay connected to the vineyard, the less we manipulate
the wine.

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